X-Ray Scanner

100100B X-ray Inspection System

The 100100B direct transmission X-ray system features a raised conveyor that enables sharper, larger screen images while making loading and offloading easier. This heavy-duty conveyorized scanner is designed for screening large objects, hold baggage and cargo for concealed weapons, explosives and contraband. Multi-energy color marking allows operators to quickly spot areas of concern in the most thickly packed parcels, bulk loads and baggage.

  • autoSensing assures 100% screening of all items, no matter how thin or low
  • Ideal for inspecting oversized and out-of-gauge objects

Aperture size (W x H):
100.0 x 100.0 cm
39.4 x 39.4 in.

Overall dimensions (L x W x H):
314.2 x 129.3 x 192.9 cm
123.7 x 50.9 x 75.9 in.

726 kg
1,600 lbs.


400+ X-ray Inspection System

The single-source, dual-energy 400+ X-ray inspection system is designed to screen small- to mid-sized items for weapons, explosives, drugs and other contraband. The right size for scanning strollers, briefcases, backpacks, purses and other hand-carried items, this compact workhorse is ready to meet the toughest throughput demands.

With a trim footprint, the user-friendly 400+ delivers best-in-class speed and detection capability and makes the most of available space.

  • Rapidly images full mailbags and long or tall items
  • Fits in elevators, narrow halls and tight spaces
  • Patented guided conveyor belt never needs adjusting
  • Built on the industry’s most stable and flexible operating system

Aperture size (W x H):
62.0 x 42.0 cm
24.4 x 16.5 in.

Overall dimensions (L x W x H):
154.6 x 80.9 x 126.4 cm
60.9 x 31.9 x 49.8 in.

268 kg
590 lbs.